Isnin, 25 Ogos 2008

Kena tag dah.... Squeeze

Semlm pi rumah kak zaliana niat nak tgk si faris ngan takoyakinyer..... Sekali perasan kena tag dah... Sebelum ni kena dari Azie... tak sempat nak buat sebab susah... Buat yg ni dululah... Azie ngan marah akan ku buat tag mu itu...

Simply, It's about where you squeeze the toothpaste.

Rules - Just answer the questions below and post in on your blogs.And of course, you have to tag at least one person, the more the merrier..

Question 1 :Which Squeezer are you?

please select one of the following and let's see how the statistic is :-

A - Top-squeezer (squeeze from the top part)
B - Middle-squeezer (squeeze from the middle)
C - Bottom-Squeezer (squeeze from the bottom)
D - Random squeezer (squeeze anywhere you can get your fingers on)

My answer: My answer of course C...

Question 2 :Explain your answer in Question 1 or whatever you want to say about it...

I don't know why... but what did I remember..... I squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom since i know how to brush my teeth......

Question 3 : who you want to tag...

and now I TAG...
1) Aziemas
2) Along Roz
3) Amy
4) Kak Hana
5) Kak Ziehelmy

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